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Step 1 - 

Shoot Consultation

During the consultation is where we will go over your vision for the shoot and work out all the details including pricing, style of editing, location, date & time, aesthetic, styling, and number of people. FILL OUT THIS FORM TO SCHEDULE

Step 2 - 

Optional Styling Consultation

For people who struggle with choosing an outfit, we offer complimentary online styling. Show us your options - or your entire wardrobe - and we will help you pick the perfect thing to wear for your shoot. This is mainly for portrait sessions, however if you'd like some styling for an event we will happily help with that as well.

Step 3 - 

The Shoot

Finally, it's time for the shoot itself. This will be a fun experience. You may be asked to do something crazy or stupid but half the time those actions create the best photos you have ever seen...we don't need to talk about the other half. You are always welcome to bring a friend and behind the scenes filing and photos are encouraged, as long as you share them! Sometimes we livestream photoshoots but that is completely optional and will be discussed during the consultation.

Step 4 - 

Getting Your Photos

All photos are delivered though your personal page on our website, all shoots you do with us will be gathered on this password-protected page. During the consultation you will decided whether you want proofs or to leave the final choices in our hands. If you choose the later, you will receive the final images on completion ready for you to download and share. If you choose to receive proofs, that album will be delivered to you and you will have the ability to heart your favorite images. Those that are hearted will be compiled into your "favorites" list. Take all the time you need to add and remove and add again until you have your final set of images, then contact us to let us know your done and we will finish the editing on them. The final photos will then be added as a second gallery to the same album as the proofs. The unchosen proofs will remain available for if you ever choose to purchase additional photos.

Step 5 - 

Sharing Your Photos

When you're ready to share your photos, we'd appreciate a tag! @_chroma_studios_ on Instagram and TikTok.


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