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It's Graduation Season


Both packages provide a graduation cap headband for use during the shoot

All-Inclusive Graduation Photo Package

Simple Graduation Photo Package

Why get this package?

This premium photography package elevates your graduation experience with a range of exclusive features not found in the simple graduation shoot package.


Family Photos:

We ensure every moment is captured, not just of the graduate but of your entire family, turning your celebration into a beautifully documented affair that you'll cherish forever.

Watermark Removal:

Enjoy pristine, unmarked images. Each photo is delivered watermark-free, ensuring they're presentation-ready for any frame or portfolio.

Three Locations:

Why choose between meaningful locations? With the option of additional photoshoot locations, you can showcase multiple facets of your journey, be it your academic achievements on campus or personal milestones at a place close to your heart.

Additional Photos:

Get more from your session with ten extra photos per additional location, for a total of 35. 

Opt for this package to ensure your graduation photos are as comprehensive and polished as your accomplishments. Capture this major milestone with the thoroughness and finesse it deserves.

Why get this package?

Our basic graduation shoot package is thoughtfully designed for those who are seeking a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality.

Essential Coverage:

This package focuses on capturing the graduate in a single, classic location. It's perfect for those who want a straightforward, elegant documentation of their achievement.

Standard Photos:

Receive a set of 15 professional photos that highlight this significant milestone. Each photo is expertly taken to ensure you have beautiful memories to look back on.

Efficient Session:

Without the extras of multiple locations or extended shoot times, this package is both time-effective and economical, making it ideal for busy schedules and tighter budgets.

Choose this basic package for an affordable way to commemorate your graduation with professional photography that captures the essence of your achievement.

Additionally, every feature offered in the All-Inclusive package, can be added on to this basic package individually. 

Price: $350

Price: $150+

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