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Capturing Moments


The Journey of Chroma Studios


Welcome to Chroma Studios, where every snapshot is a celebration of color and diversity. My name is Alexandra O'Sullivan. I'm the head photographer and owner of Chroma Studios and an NYU Gallatin student with a keen eye for the vibrant and vivid.

My journey with photography began as an exploration of the world's hues, a quest to capture the essence of life through color. The name 'Chroma Studios' reflects this passion – a homage to the spectrum of colors that paint our experiences. While my academic journey at NYU Gallatin is diverse (studying photography, creative writing, psychology, and game design) it's the art of photography that truly captured my heart, allowing me to freeze moments in time with a unique perspective.

Color is more than a visual element; it's the language of emotions, the map of my work. My approach to photography is deeply rooted in the flow of color. I am guided by colors, vibrant, muted, or pastel, to create art that stands out. I am not ruled by color, it is not the only part of an image that matters, but it is the life that allows everything else to breathe and sing.

Having grown up in various corners of the world, I've learned to appreciate and embrace the diversity that surrounds us. I've lived in Jakarta, Indonesia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; and now New York, New York, USA. This global upbringing hasn't just influenced my personality; it's shaped my approach to photography. At Chroma Studios, we celebrate diversity in all its forms. Whether I'm capturing a candid street scene or a meticulously planned portrait, my work is infused with an openness and respect for all cultures and backgrounds.

At Chroma Studios, communication and client satisfaction are key. I'm dedicated to responding to inquiries within a few days, whether it's through email, Instagram DMs, the contact form below, or the chat box in the lower right corner of the page. Your stories, events, and moments deserve to be captured in vibrant color, and I'm here to make that happen.

While this page offers a glimpse into my world and ethos, I invite you to explore my website further. Discover my projects, delve into client reviews, and see through my lens – a world where color plays the guiding role.

"Photography has been a passion of mine since a young age. I’ve held a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember, but it was during my senior year of high school that I started taking it seriously."

"The way my brain was seeing things is not the same as everybody else’s brains. Overtime, I figured out the best way to show someone how to pose is to do the pose yourself and have them mimic it."



Phone: 504-407-7603

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